Business event planning is a difficult skill to perfect. Now, the profession of an event manager is so prestigious that you can earn a degree in it. Although I always recommend hiring event management company in Dubai when preparing an event, there are methods to make corporate event planning a lot less complicated and stressful. It ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

The phrase “Event Planning” provides the clue.

Planning is crucial to the success of any event, and with the appropriate planning and foresight, the entire process can become lot ‘easier.’

One simple tip is to figure out where you will be holding your event.

Where do you want your event to take place?

Once you have found a venue, double-check that it meets the event’s needs and is easily accessible.

On-site inspection before contracting is essential. I recommend strolling through the venue as if you were a delegate, identifying the distinct zones, rooms, and requirements to clarify all doubts.

The devil is in the details, so provide the venue as much information as possible during the initial briefing to guarantee an excellent solution without any surprises.

Negotiate and be willing to walk away if necessary.

Don’t keep pressing if the negotiation isn’t going well. You have set a budget for yourself, so stick to it. My recommendation is to provide the venue and all vendors with your budget less than 10%. This allows providers to operate within your budget and saves your time.

Even with bargaining, finding a five-star location with a four-star budget is pointless. So, be realistic and know how much bang for your buck you can get.

Don’t over tenderize

Typically, a brief for an event is sent out to five, six, or even ten vendors. It appears to be a decent procurement technique, yet it is ineffective. For starters, it pits everyone against each other, causing frustration and wasting time.

There are only a fixed number of suppliers for each brief – if we’re all chasing the same ones, they might grow smug… “I’ve had the brief six times; I can afford not to negotiate or give a good deal since I’ll get the business somewhere.” Any prospect of a deal could be squandered…

Go out to tender, but going to a broad pool of suppliers means you won’t get the best deal. Often, suppliers may raise costs since they are receiving the brief from several sources and it appears that obtaining the job is a definite thing.

Treat your vendors like royalty

They are the glue that links the event together; without them, it would not be possible to hold the event. Spend wisely and merge spend with suppliers through sourcing smartly and merging spend with providers.

The more money you can direct to specific suppliers, the more money you’ll save. It also allows vendors to gain a deeper understanding of your organization, resulting in better service!

Make a plan

Organizing an event is similar to putting on a theatrical show. Without a screenplay, you would not put on a show, and an event should be no different.

Create your event script from the beginning. This should include every detail of the incident. This will most likely take a few days, but once completed, you will be able to see what needs to be done and who needs to accomplish it.

Keep excel to build an operations schedule, assigning duties to individual suppliers and sharing the schedule so that everyone is aware of the event from start to finish.

There is an art to scheduling, but putting oneself in the shoes of the delegates and considering all conceivable scenarios will aid in the process.

Agree on costs…

Firm them up, and make sure your budget matches the time. Make sure you understand your contractual duties, deposit payments, and deadlines to help with this. All of these things are intertwined.

It’s all about your health and safety

Things don’t go wrong very often, but when they do, you need to be prepared. For starters, we always recommend purchasing event insurance, but we also recommend developing an emergency plan “just in case.”

This includes knowing all of the emergency phone numbers for all suppliers, the local police, and the consular (if travelling abroad), as well as advising delegates on what is, and is not expected of them.

Last but not least…

If all of this seems overwhelming, contact the specialists 7PQRS in Business Event Planning! Event planners can help you save a lot of money. You can benefit from their purchasing power (remember they book the suppliers you need regularly). They help you save time, which helps you save money. They can also save money, which typically outweighs the initial investment in hiring a professional company event planning team